Angepinnt Aktuelle F1 Bug - Meldung / Current F1 Bug -Report

    • Wichtig
      Ok, like follow!

      - Il make cut here and move report postings for F3 to proper F3 Bug Thread.

      - Important: Please don`t report Bugs with F3 for F1 and other Boxes, each Box has his own Area. We collect all needed data and the Driver Dev. doe then his job. We need to do this because sometime it`s confusing and only mix of Informations.

      - Postings without reports and feedbacks will be deleted, therefore please use other and proper threads. Clean desk is important ;)

      Here in this thread only F1 Bugs/Reports. Thank you for your understanding.

      Keine technischen Fragen per PN - Fragen gehören immer ins Forum!

      No technical questions trough PM - questions belongs always into Board!
      Bitte Forenregeln beachten - Please follow the Board Rules