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  • Hi Everyone,
    I've just joined the forum and hoping someone can help.

    I've just bought a Formuler S mini and I have scanned for my Satellite channels, but can anyone tell me how I can organise the channels into sections/bouquets?

    I can't find anything under Plugins.

    Thanks for any help

  • Hello,
    the easiest way to make your favourites in your channel list, is with external [lexicon]editor[/lexicon] like C-Tech [lexicon]Editor[/lexicon] Studio 3.25. Please check our how to for this [lexicon]editor[/lexicon] and follow the instruction > S Series Instructions / S Serie Anleitungen

    After you sorted your channel list, you can also make your own favourites. Menu > show > favourites > on left side (red text name) rename and insert your favourite channels, very easy.