Audio buzzing issue and picture freezing during playback

  • I done yet another factory reset and so far no buzzing!!! No buzzing through terrarium or kodi. Haven't changed any [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] either. I'll keep you updated if the buzz comes back...

    For information purposes after you done the factory reset did you change any other [lexicon]settings[/lexicon]? and what resolution do you have it set to?

    I will try it but I doubt it will bring success based on when I received the second box the latest update was already out so my current box was technically a fresh boot with latest revision.

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  • Just a followup...

    Since the System Factory Reset I had only installed Terrarium via Marketplace and Yes Player. I have tested Youtube and Terrarium and the buzzing seems to have gone.

    I am going to now try installing one app at a time to see if it maybe a media player or some app that causes this issue, unless Formuler have released some sort of silent update.