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  • I have my box set to power off to Standby so that it holds the EPG info when powered off. However, sometimes...and its pretty rare...when I turn the box back on, the video is stuck on a single image and won't change. Changing the channel, changing servers and even exiting the MYTVOnline app and going back in doesn't remove this single image from the screen. The only thing that will correct it is unplugging the box and resetting that way.

    Anyone else have a similar issue?

  • Not quite the same but I set mine to standby so when using MTOL you could standby at say bedtime and resume in the morning with the EPG intact and the channel loads back up almost instantly BUT on 9 out of 10 times the box will not switch back on out of standby mode if it has been left for several hours and you have to pull the power. This is so annoying because now I have set it back to power off mode on hitting the remote button meaning going through the boot sequence then the iptv prov loading up then downloading the EPG again. I was so sure this would be the closest money could buy to a proper STB tv box that you could turn on instantly like a cable or sky box.