EPG load times, not the highest priority for formuler

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  • I am starting this thread since the old one was locked, for reasons i can't understand.
    As you can see below attached, no matter the assurances given here, EPG is not top priority, so take everything with a grain of salt and decide for your own good.
    Personally, i will hold off ordering the box until this is properly addressed. I am sure others are discouraged and turned off by the same issue. I really hope it gets fixed because i really want that box.
    And yes, i learned of that issue from your posts here and in reddit and thank you guys for being so vocal, saving people like us much hard earned money.

    EDIT: After SAM's request, i have deleted the attachment. I really hope it's addressed by March as intended.

  • This is ridiculous!! The Bug is addressed, the data for fix in Update late March is also announced and the team works already on Bugfixing. What more??

  • Sorry SAM, this is not addressed to you, but you were told by the team it is no1 priority, while it clearly isn't.
    Hopefully, i will be buying mine end of March then. Thank you for all the efforts and again, i have no intention to put you off personally and i do understand how frustrating it may be for all of us, including you.

  • It is priority 1 and i know it very well, because i spoke and written with Formuler for hours this last days. Please understand, one thread is enough and there stays all needed and once again, no matter who write somewhere else, it is in progress and the fix will come late March. The people should not search for something in text from others what not exist.
    Also, please remove the attachment because it`s internal text between you and Support, this doesn't belongs here no matter what stay.
    If you want to wait with buying until the fix comes is fully understandable at end it`s from each one his own choice what he do and what not.

    If this all continue like this, there will come updated Board rules and nobody will be happy at end. I hope this move will not be necessary.

  • SAM .... Just a thought, customer service does not usually include telling your customers to be quiet and then threatening to take away their ability to share their comments.

    I see feedback regarding the EPG showing up sites like Facebook and Amazon now... it's too bad.

    Enjoy your boxes peeps, I'm looking forward to that EPG update!!!

  • Agreed this stupid, The epg one of a number bugs that need to be fixed. Mytvonline is an app at the end of the day. Once they OS sorted they can spend more time on the the app. If an OS is Buggy, then fix the app and then the OS, there a good chance the app will break. Give the Sam and Forumler team a break. If they gave u a fix now and did not test properly and broke something else you would be moaning about that. Remember Rome was not built in a day. The Best things users can do is screen shot issues and upload logs to help the development team. Im sure they have a Roadmap features they would like to improve.

  • @325i

    It`s not my businesses what you and others write and share on other boards, but on this Board its my care and when this not match with Board Rules then this results into close or delete!
    Intern text is Intern, no matter from who, this should be respected! In many Country's we have law for this. Now can you dislike how much you want :cursing: