my tv online krasch in formuler z+

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  • Hi

    Im getting the same thing - so i uninstalled MYTV Online app and tried to reinstall it but stuck on 0% for a 10 MB download for an hour.

    Rebooted box and and now its stuck on a boot up screen titled "checking for IPTV updates" with a progress bar at the bottom stuck at 0% out of 10MB (looks like its trying to download mytv online)

    Please note the formuler z7+ was set to boot into the mytv online app automatically so i cant get passed this screen to check for version numbers etc.

    It was bought in ireland last friday at which time it pulled down all the updates it needed

    Any ideas?



  • @ DBurke

    1. WLAN/LAN off. You can also turn off your router, its same. The point is, Internet must be complete off for next step.
    2. Reboot the box and this will try to Update, no Update will come because Inet off, box boot into Home Menu.
    3. Go to -> [lexicon]Settings[/lexicon] -> System -> Factory reset.
    4. Turn now your WLAN/LAN/Internet/Router ON and reboot your box.
    5. Box reboots, check for Updates and install missing part.