Buffering, stuttering, 'loading' problems

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  • Since using this box I now have several issues I changed to this Z-Nano box and a new paid subscription and all I get is problems.
    I keep getting buffering, stuttering, catch up keeps jumping and often I miss the last few minutes of a program, my football often just buffers and although eventually comes on by then I have missed 10 to 15 minutes of the match yet my isp informs me that nothing is wrong at their end in fact they have incresed their speed and categorically deny that they are 'throttling' or any power reductions during peak times and indeed using their isp and a different iptv provider, and different box, nothing is wrong.
    My new iptv provider keeps informing me that is my isp companies problem not theirs or the STB so what is wrong with my paid iptv providers signal??
    Are they having servers issues or do they have to many subscriptions to what their equipment can handle?
    Before I switched providers and started using this box and their iptv service I had no issues with my other box or provider
    What can i do when the only response from my iptv provider is 'its not our problem is your iSP providers so sort it out with them'

  • Hi,
    could you please give us first the FW Nb from Box and MOL Nb. you use?

    It`s problematic to track down the cause because it starts with ISP, Provider and then with the Box. You can test your ISP first and then your local Network, if this works very well then you can circle the provider and the box. If the same Provider subscription works very nice with other boxes then could the box be the problem. But.. all of them will at end blame the box and say they lines works great ;)
    How ever, Z Nano is fully operator box and should with good ISP and Provider work without Bufferings.
    There is one setting under Mytvonline (MOL) that could make problems if enabled.
    - Check under MOL [lexicon]Settings[/lexicon] -> HLG Start Mode is set to "normal" and not "fast". Setting "fast" is Buggy and produce only buffering`s.

    You posted in Forum from S-Mini. If you use Z-Nano i would move this thread to proper Forum.

  • Thanks for you help and will look at the [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] if I can find them
    I did try someobdy else's box and different iptv provider using my current isp service and their box worked perfectly ok but they used my box on their isp (which was the same as mine) and they too had similiar problems to me, which suggests to me it is either the box or my iptv provider's servers, When I pointed this out they still said it was the isp that was causing the issue and told me to stop pestering them. They said as far as they were concerned there was no problem for them to solve so I should pester my isp company
    Sorry if this post is in the wrong place not sure how to move it to the correct forum.
    and I really do not know what you mean with your request
    ''give us first the FW Nb from Box and MOL Nb. you use? ''
    Sorry am a complete novice at all this
    Thanks again

  • Moved this thread to proper forum, other duplicate thread was deleted!
    If other Box works good with your isp and you have similar problems with nano on other isp, then is the problem box or the Provider. This is full provider operating box so your provider must check this issue and help you, you paid for all. They can not say you should not pester them. Did you buy the box and subscription from same seller?

    How ever from our side i can only try to help you do some [lexicon]settings[/lexicon]. If this success in your situation or not i don`t know.

    1. When you start Mytvonline and see the first channel, press Menu on RCU -> chose [lexicon]Settings[/lexicon] -> go to HLG Start Mode and set to "normal" and not "fast". If its already on normal then is all ok.
    2. Give your box static ip (in the box). In Router Menu the same and all rights open for your box. Call some experienced friend to help you if you don`t know how to do it.

  • Thanks SAM thanks for your help and advice I have found the setting and they were at normal and not fast. As for the company they are now refusing to deal with me as they still claim that there is no problem for them to solve as its my isp providers issue and not theirs.
    I am suspicious that the issue is with their servers and hence their refusal to accept any responsiblility as they have many subscribers and the cost implication is enormous.
    But I will not let them off the hook so easily and will continue to complain whenever I have these issues. Regrettably over here in Spain companies seem to get away with this sort of behaviour and have no customer service skills whatsoever
    Thanks again