Custom channel numbers, and non-contiguous numbering

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  • Hi, is it possible to have completely custom and non-contiguous channel numbers with this device?

    For example, I want the same channel numbers as Freesat (they are nicely categorised and I'm used to them*). To try and get that, I downloaded the .nsvc SQLite database from the box and mucked around with it (using Python's sqlite3 module) to try and get the channel numbers the same (I added 2000 to the old channel numbers so that they are preserved - the columns changed were svc_lcn, svc_idx, and id in the _svcInfo table - I also tried without editing svc_lcn and it worked too). I loaded it back onto the box and found the channels in the order I wanted them in, which is a partial success, but they started at 1 (instead of 101) and went up by 1 each time (instead of having gaps so that channels are in the right '100' category - BBC News is at 68 instead of 200).

    There are other issues caused by doing this, which would be fixed if I followed the same contiguous pattern instead of using non-contiguous numbering.

    My question: Is there a tool I can use to have non-contiguous channel numbers? Does the "Logical Channel Number" option in the channel list have anything to do with this? Setting it on and off never does anything (with the normal database or my two modified databases).

    Side-question: Is there any way to get the box to tune with Freesat? It seems to be possible with some of Formuler's other models.

    Thanks. I will share the script I used to change the database if I am successful.

    *since external links are prohibited, please search: "Freesat Channel Numbers and Frequency / Transponder lists" to see what I mean.

    Feel free to answer in German.

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  • Hi Buritto!

    1. Du sprichst über DVB Kanäle, richtig? "Service List Option" und dann "Logical Channel Number" off, sollte deine Anordnung nicht durcheinanderbringen.
    Auch wenn es auf ON bleibt kannst du doch deine Liste über das Clacktech Kanal Editier Tool so anordnen wie es dir gefällt. Wieso gehst du diesen weg nicht, dann bleibt auch alles wie gewollt?

    2. Was meinst du ganz genau mit Freesat tunen und welche Boxen meintest du zusätzlich?
    3. Solange die Links nicht auf Illegales Content hinweist darf es gepostet werden.