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  • Hi,

    I recently bought a F1, but I am not in good terms with the machine. It doesn't want to read my Orange CanalDigitaal (SECA-3) card. When I use a CAM, then I have problems too! The Aston CAM isn't recognized, the M7-CAM is sometimes recognized, but more often not. I don't know why, because I can't reproduce the fault. The Only one that works is the old red CanalDigitaal/TV Vlaanderen-CAM. But this one is veeeeeeeery slow in zapping and that is why I choose the F1 in the 1st place! I love to use the HDMU, because it is nice and lean. I read about the CI+ issues and I assume this is the same, so for the latest kernel, which older version but good working drivers can I use?

  • Why don`t you try with openATV 6.1, openNFR or openHDF, they have very good CI/CI+ support. HDMU is more closed and like i know not part of oe.
    You can try this drivers -> Formuler1 Treiber von 05.10.2016 / Formuler1 driver from 05.10.2016
    Please note, they very old 10.2016 and no guarantee if they work nice with latest kernel.

  • @Don,

    I will try these ones. I only tried the 2015-ones and they don work. But I read this about the CI+ and in my understanding of German, I understood that Formuler made use of the reader/CAM less because of Legal issues. is that correct? The OpenATV I don't like. It is too big (read too many features (unnecessary) to me)) OpenHDF I never used and OpenNFR I never heard off. Maybe I try them if the drivers won't work.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Unfortunately it stays in bootloop (F1 {V43}). So the developers have to do something about this!
    I am going to test OpenNFR now.

  • SAM

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