Bugreport: M7 CI (not CI+) is not working nor Seca-3 card in readers

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  • I have a Formuler F1 with latest bootloader (V43). I have tried a lot of firmware, but non could make it possible to make Pay-TV visible.
    I Use the M7 (white/red) CI (not CI+!!) all updated. The module just isn't recognized. When I use the SECA-3 card (orange/white) in one of the readers, it stays black too!
    I use the same OSCAM-files as in the VU+ Duo, but I tried different MHZ and CardMHZ. I know you think OSCAM is illegal (maybe true in D, but not in NL), but I know with this setupit should work, so I don't need OSCAM help. I think this should be a BUG-report for Formuler.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Today I did some more testing and I came across that the the Red/White M7 module is working (though instable) with my neighbours SECA-3 card. With instable I mean the module can't read the CAM and/or the card. It gives you either CI initializing or after removing the CAM and card, and reinserting them one after each other, it opens PAY-TV. With my card nothing! This means to me, that there are several revisions on the SECA-3 Card. Makes it only more difficult ?(

    Thanks again SAM!

  • Yes and no. When I start the box with the CAM and Card inserted, no picture. But whiles on and remove + reinsert the CAM with card, I get a picture. This is unstable and will be off again when you start to Zap. I tested a bit more and found out, that OpenNFR (opennfr-6.2-formuler1-2018020) is working with the M7-CAM and my card, if you boot in CI+ mode. So for now I have a picture, but not with the cardreaders and not with my favorite HDMU.
    Clear now?