Poor Catch up and EPG

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  • Hi again
    sorry to keep asking question but my iptv provider still insist that its all down to my isp and not them, so what I cannot understand and the iptv provider just ignores is that whenever I watch a program on catch-up the program often jumps, or stutters and the lip sync goes out and sometimes the program finishes before the actual end of the program, this even happened when we were watching a film on their vod service yet the claim its down to my isp and not them.
    Also when I told them that the epg was often wrong with its guide and I thought it was slow to load they told me I was the only person to ever complain, now this I find is incredible given that I have read many threads on here about the myonline tv EPG being not up to the standard.
    My iptv company did say they will at some point when its convienent for them, come out and look at my box and if they find nothing wrong then as far as they are concerned that's the end of their interest.
    I find this the most disturbing aspect as they need to be watching the programs on the box and catch up and a whole film to find the errors we are experiencing and I do not think they will bother to do this.
    Putting a box on test is not the same as watching the box for several hours
    Hence my asking all this question
    Thanks in advance for any help in the above questions your help is going to be invaluable at some point as I feel this company is giving iptv a bad name where I live and I will not drop my complaints until they are resolved
    Thanks again

  • Well few things to check your end first would be best bet.

    1. have you checked your internet speed/ping on your formuler? and networking.
    2. what iptv provider is it? and also catch up is governed by epg data, so yeah epg data needs be there to get catch up.
    3. have you tried the same catch up titles on a different device or app to eliminate some potential findings.

    Catch up can be sketchy on many, especially if they have full server reboots and then needs rebuild back up.

    But this forum is more for hardware/software, not issues with an iptv provider, so best to see the above and give few tests and see if can resolve.

    PS - I cant actually see any questions in your post, just statements of your findings?

  • Hi danny121pt
    Your correct I didn't actually ask a question sorry about that wrote the post in shear frustration
    This has been an ongoing issue with my iptv provider and their paid subscription service and I have posted on two other threads about my problems.
    I have pretty much established that my isp is not at fault as all the issues I am getting has been with this new iptv provider and the box they suggested I purchased off them. I used another box with a different iptv provider and had no problems with my isp service, and I never had any of these issues when I was with my previous iptv provider using the same isp company as now and funnily enough they have actually increased my internet speed and I average around 80mg speed throught the day.
    My present iptv company refuse to accept there is any problem apart from all my problem are being caused by my isp company.
    I am just at my wits end to get to the bottom of my issues

  • Lesson learn't stuck with this lot for next 10 months and been complaining since the second day of using their system
    Trouble is over here in Spain the market is totally unregulated so many are just con merchants and get away with poor service and non existant customer service

  • @ happyhotspor

    At end of March comes new Update with fix for EPG and few others. Try to be patience until then, i think many of your reports will then disappear..

  • @happyhotspur

    Sometimes the EPG offset issue can be resolved by changing the EPG mode in the MYTVOnline [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] menu:
    Main Menu >> [lexicon]Settings[/lexicon] >> EPG Mode >> Change from Normal to UTC
    See if the EPG lines up correctly with the above changes and report back.

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  • Thanks for your response but I have to say the EPG is really poor and often incorrect and slow to respond if you are going down the list it takes several second on each channel before the epg catches up. Also when watching catch-up I have never been able to watch a program without stuttering or pixaliting issues and often the last few minutes of the program is missing.
    Either your EPG has an issue or my iptv provider is not giving your STB the credit it deserves either way this is one customer that will not use your box or if its the iptv provider's sevice again.
    I am a writer by profession and have many potential customers for iptv who often ask what I think I never give good or bad recommendations but am fast becoming disilliusioned with this box and my provider so I really don't know who is to blame but wish I could get to the bottom of all my iptv issues as I never had them with my previous provider or the box i was using
    Thanks agian for the response that is appreciated