What to do about Formuler Z7+ Mac-Address being Blocked/Hostage by IPTV Provider

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  • Hi, I just received my Formuler Z7+ today and I am so glad i made this purchase for my first TV-Box. I do have a few questions below can you help answering? After a lot of searching this has to be the best TV Box out. The only issue I have read so far is slow EPG pop-up but that might bee due to a lot of different reasons. Plus I think Formuler/Dreamlink are testing an update patch for it. Also if I have posted in the wrong section can you please change it to the right place. I do believe I am in the right place though.

    My first question is can my Mac-Address be held hostage or blocked by an IPTV Provder/Reseller?

    Also if this occurs can anything be done from Formulers/Dreamlink end to have it released or create a new one?

    Or even can we mask our original Mac-Address by another one where if blocked we just create a new Mac-Address rather than giving out the original one?

    I am scared that no matter which IPTV provider I go with may block or keep my Mac-Address hostage if I do not like the service and making my Formuler Z7+ non useable for IPTV.

    Can anyone recommend an IPTV service which is fastest in buffering with the Formuler Z7+? (Only if it is allowed in Forum). Basically when you change the channel by selecting a new one which IPTV service is fastest on the new channel popping up?

    :thumbsup: Thank You everyone in advance. :thumbsup:
    Also a big Thank You to Formuler/Dreamlink on making such an awesome product for IPTV. I wonder what will come out next.

  • Don't be scared, never had a mac locked on anything for me personally.

    Formuler themselves cant do anything.

    You can have 5 portals (i.e 5 suppliers in app)

    If using one with own client area, and add own mac, just change last digit on mac in client areas day before expiry if worried.

    Or if using a reseller, week before expiry if leaving them, just ask if they can remove you mac.

    But wouldn't worry to much.

  • As danny121pt said, you have nothing to worry about with your MAC address.

    The stories I'm sure you have read about locked MAC addresses relate only to trying to switch from one reseller to another with the same service. The reseller must first release your MAC from his panel before another reseller of the SAME SERVICE can add it to his panel. If you want to change services, this is not an issue at all. Its very rare that any reseller would hold your MAC hostage anyways as its bad for business if you complain.

    As for recommending a service for you, pretty much every service will change channels very fast with your Formuler box. That's not really an issue. I find recommending a service to be a difficult thing because everyone has different preferences, so I always say just try as many services as you can until you find one you really like. Many services will offer free trials. You can have as many as 5 active at one time with this box, so fill up your portals list with trials and go from there!

    Have fun!!

  • Hi,

    I’m currently using my Mac with one provider and want to take another sub from another provider but he replied that
    “I can't add your Mac when in use with another provider”
    Any idea what I can do guys.
    Another question if someone got hold of my Mac then can he just use my subs with stb-emu?
    I can get band by my provider.

    in that case is there a way to change my Mac in z7+

  • “I can't add your Mac when in use with another provider”

    His replay is nonsense. You can use your MAC Address same time on 5 different Portals.

  • He is talking utter nonsense, pure rubbish.

    I suggest you look at a few that can add own mac address to client areas, and stick to short duration subs and bin the one your using asap.

    Being cynical he probably saying that you cant use others and get banned if you use others, just incase you dont renew with him and stay with the 2nd provider lmao.

    Best bet get trials elsewhere first

  • Hi everyone, Thank You so much for all the replies. I took all of yours advice and jumped in with my first provider and things are going very well. I have no complaints.

    I wanted to ask when I change the channel I see an upload circle for like half a second possibly less. Is their anyway to get rid of that circle to make it more of a TV like feel?

    I have seen some youtube reviews for the same IPTV provider I am with which have no load up circle populate in between changing channels. It is not an issue just would like to see if I can get it to be hidden for a more TV like feel. Or it just depends on the software of the box.

    Again Thank You everyone

  • The channel change speed can depend on the provider and your internet speeds. There's no way to hide that circle, but you could try a different provider and see if its the same. Also, if you are using wifi you could try hardwiring your box to your modem or router to see if that helps.

  • Is the spinning circle the source of what is bothering you, or the black screen that appears between channel zaps? Both?

    It would be easy for us to remove or delay the circle loading icon from appearing when changing channels, but getting rid of the black screen that appears between channel changes will require some more analysis.

    Your feedback is appreciated.

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    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.

  • Hi 175n,

    First and foremost this box is Awesome. I did extensive research for about 2 months and found no other boxes can come close. Then made my purchase and been happy ever since. Thank You for such a great product.

    Yes I believe if you can remove that buffering circle it will give a more Tv like feel not delay it though prefer keeping the product as is if it will be delayed :) rather have the circle if its faster. Even though it will be a black screen it will look awesome because I think if the internet speed is fast enough that black screen will be barely noticeable nano second. It will give a perfect cable like feel. Right now its at 99.9% if you want to touch the 100%.

    Please don't delay it though :) the faster the better. The circle isn't that big of an issue it's only ascetics rather than performance. I am impressed and been referring everyone towards Z7+ because it's the best product for consumers certain gotten a few purchases. Please don't slow it down by delay. Keep up the great work specially with all TV services heading towards internet protocol you are the first to have such a great product keep it going. :)

    I am just about to get my second Z7+, Thank You so much Formuler and for such awesome support. Will do an awesome youtube video in the near future showing how it blows away the competition in every field.

  • Ok i want to point something out as maybe some confusion.

    The only time he would not be able to add your MAC address is if both your existing provider and new provider for example are resellers of the same IPTV service provider, meaning regardless of reseller backend it's the same iptv provider just different resellers and if first provider already has you're MAC address and try to add it again it's won't be possible because it already exists backend in the databse. Hard to explain. There's many resellers selling for the same iptv provider hence why they cannot add your MAC if it already exists from another reseller.

    His replay is nonsense. You can use your MAC Address same time on 5 different Portals.

    Not quite, yes you can use MAC address same time on 5 different portals but as explained above if both are resellers selling for the same iptv provider then the MAC address will already exist so new provider therefore will not be able to add it until existing provider releases/removes there MAC address.

  • This is correct, therfore is also the customer in the duty to ask first ( before order) if same provider is in use and he want more then one portal. Mag have the same problem with stalker when this happens.
    Second you see that the problem is on provider and reseller side and should be fixed from provider. It' s ridiculus to block same mac even if spreaded trough resellers when the customer pays correctly to all. This security featur from provider is not ok and makes only problems.

  • Just ask for trial first from most, if any resellers/duplicates, then use someone else.

    Or if use a reseller, but want to go direct when sub runs out with reseller.

    If reseller wont remove mac, just message the main supplier, asking them to remove, which they can as they will have admin access over all their resellers (ie ability to shut panels off or what not)

  • Hi,

    I've got a problem related to this post.

    I subscribed to an IPTV panel with Seller A.

    After the subcription period is over I found another seller (let's call him seller B) and as he was offering the same exact panel cheaper I decide to go with him.

    First he couldn't activate his panel as my MAC was used by Seller A.

    I contacted seller A who unlock that and then seller B could activate his panel.

    All seemed ok except now there's no way to use MyTVonline with this portal. It refuses to connect.

    And the strangest thing is that I can connect using Stbemu on my Z7+.

    But I want to use MyTVonline ! Much better app...

    Of course I tried a lot of things :

    - MyTVonline is ok with 2 other portals.

    - I factory reset the Z7+

    I really don't understand. Any help will be appreciated.




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