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  • Hi everyone,

    Please can someone help me out and confirm if xtream-[lexicon]editor[/lexicon] works with MYTVONLINE? I'm struggling to get my working correctly my provider doesn't give a full EPG and i really want to populate this myself.

    If it is support i would seriously appreciate some help to set it up.

    a brief overview is that i have setup the API line and also i've setup the Z7+ box under MAG on the xtream-[lexicon]editor[/lexicon] website, and the i've gone to the portal and entered http://mag.xtream-editor.com into the portal on MYTVONLINE but it's not connecting i'm just getting an error, all details are correct my MAC address is registered, so this is purely a setup issue with xtream-[lexicon]editor[/lexicon].

    Please help!


  • How did you get on with this ?
    The Xtreme [lexicon]Editor[/lexicon] team have been building a MagBox style portal.
    I too am looking for the ability to use Extreme [lexicon]Editor[/lexicon] as I love the control it delivers over your bouquets (channel lists) from your provider.

    We are currently in the BETA test. If you want, you can try it.

    Server URL: http://mag.xtream-editor.com/i/c/

    You have to register your device as a MAG line with us.

  • So can I just confirm you are using the Mag Device section of Xtreme-[lexicon]Editor[/lexicon]’s dashboard.
    Which allows you to edit and prepare your channel lists/bouquets to your liking ?
    Lack of EPG is an issue

  • EPG works fine on mag devices, i use it on the dreamlink as well but the epg dosnt load the same way it does not load with normal portal through it so if your use to a half finished app like dreamlink then its fine u wont notice anything different to "normal"

  • guys I just wanted to update this url is the same one I used and it works brilliantly based on this URL working I purchased xtream-[lexicon]editor[/lexicon] and have been using for over a week and it’s brilliant being able to have control of my groups,channels and epg. Only issue for me is the EPG on MYTVONLINE but we are all aware of that issue.

  • Can someone inform me about planned changes? I wanted to release the portal in a few days but now I think, I prefer to wait for the new version.


    Kann mich jemand über geplante Änderungen informieren? Ich wollte das Portal in ein paar tagen veröffentlichen aber jetzt denke ich, warte ich lieber auf die neue Version.

  • Hi,
    one week before official release will all changes be posted from next MOL Update. Formuler still works on this. So i would say it`s better to wait until new Update comes out.

  • I received a test line from someone with a mag.xtream-[lexicon]editor[/lexicon].com a few days ago and could not get it working.

    I received another test from a different sub which used this same portal. Since then I noticed this thread and got it running.

    But how does it work that two different subs can have the same portal url?

    Would I need to get one to remove my MAC before trying the other??

    UPDATE: Turns out when a second provider adds your MAC address it removes the first provider.

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  • Hi, I’ve followed this thread and got my Z7+ working with my Xtream Editor by creating a new Mag line and assigning the EPG.

    The IPTV works great and I love the layout of MOL, but I also receive issues with the slow EPG which hopefully the update will fix that.

    My main question is, once my EPG has eventually loaded its running one hour behind and I can’t see an option to sync that within MOL or Xtream Editor, has anyone else experienced this and know the solution?


  • When in Portal, press Menu, Settings, Epg mode, change to UTC (when on xtream editor portal)

    Puts epg as correct time then on that portal.

    Epg fix is apparently what be stable release soon.

    Any mods know stable release date?

  • Any mods know stable release date?

    Depends from beta testing, i hope very soon. Sorry i can not give specific date.

  • Cheers Sam, I only ask, as the sisters over in USA the Dreamlink T1/T1+ and T2 pushed stable couple days ago, and people loving new updates. (epg stuff)

    So just guessed/imagined that z7+ / Nanos etc would follow suit this week.

  • I know but Devs. found two important issues and want first to fix them, then should official comes out. The reason for delay is, new features took to much time and they wanted parallel fix so much Bugs as possible.

  • Just to answer one of your questions...the slow EPG with Xtream-Editor's mag portal has not been fixed with the Beta. Any API portal or mag.xtream-editor.com portal you use loads the EPG the old fashioned way of scrolling page by page in the EPG unfortunately. This has been brought to the attention of the developers but there has been no news on any potential fix at this point. The new EPG puller works very well with standard stalker portals.