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  • Hello (very new to this) Brand new Z7+ Formuler box right out of the package.Plugged it in to the ac adapter/power and the GREEN light turned on BUT THEN IMMEDIATELY went OUT.I NEED TO the green light supposed to stay on when it is plugged in?I am asking because I think I have a faulty box and I am not hooking up the system myself, my cousin is coming in a couple days to set everything up.I don't want him to drive all the way out here if the box doesn't work.(I expect when it is plugged in that the green light should STAY LIT)....CAN ANYONE please let me know IF THAT GREEN LIGHT SHOULD STAY ON WHEN THE BOX IS PLUGGED IN???THANKS a LOT, in advance for ANY HELP!-Sandi

  • Hello, the light on the front panel should light up in the following sequence:

    Plug in Power Cord
    Brief RED light
    Brief GREEN light
    No light for up to 30 seconds (this is a bug)
    Solid GREEN light after booting is completed.

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