No files shown when uploading channel list

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  • Hi

    i downloaded my channel list to a usb stick from the receiver.
    i also exported another channel list with the c-[lexicon]editor[/lexicon] program to the same usb stick as an as coach format file.
    when I put the stick in the receiver and try to upload the new channel list file I get the message that there are no files on the stick?
    when I put the stick in my pc I see that the receiver has written the old channel nsvc to the stick.
    also tried with other usb stock same problem.
    am I missing here something???
    i selected in the android [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] the usb stick as standard external memory.
    who can help me?

  • Hi,

    please check if your new channel list is renamed and saved correctly ( example: SVC_180312.nsvc ).
    See also -> S Series Instructions / S Serie Anleitungen

  • Hi Sam,

    i checked the file names and they were ok.
    even created new ones with right names but files are still not found .
    after this I put the receiver back to factory [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] and after this my receiver was bricked.
    next I use the reset tool with the the.ird file but during booting I only get a message OUT OF RANGE on the screen. The display goes from boot to load , st1 end end with a message something like „Lang“. It stays in this position. Sometimes also the box switches of and shows the time 00:00 in the display but stays bricked.
    anymoore suggestions. By the way I used the up channel button during boot and load but no progress bar appears.

  • Hi Sam tried at least 5 times now to use the reset factory tool. Also everytime made sure that only the .ird file was on the stick. But I always end up with that Lang message in the display. I also tried Dons method.because version 1.6 is on the box and then in the end I see the turning logo on the display and again end with the Lang message in the display.

  • Hmm now I read that from version 1.6 the software reset tool by means of the .ird file should not be used but now by means of pressing the red button , waiting for the green red led to blink and then push 1 button? Maybe because I used the ird file first the Methode with the red button does not work anymore?
    when I use the red button I see the logo turning but end up again with out of range on display and the Lang message in display.

  • Is short for "Language" but should not appear trough FR. Please try again the new method with RCU, be sure you plug out and in the AC Power cable, otherwise if this not work you must bring the box back to seller and get new one.

  • Hi Sam

    all my Problems are solved with thanks to the guy from the store were i bought it:

    1) my box was not bricked at all, the message on the Screen OUT of RANGE means the Monitor could not handle the Resolution of the box. in my case it was hooked up on an old TFT Monitor whicjh caused this.
    Whem i put the box to my FHD Monitor i saw that i was landed in the restore menu and that i had to choose the Language. Thats why i all the time thought that it was bricked with the LANG message in the Display.

    2) I also managed with the help of this guy to load the new channellistfile in the download menu Option.
    At first i saw no files after putting the usbstick in the box. The Guy told me JUST PUSH THE LEFT BUTTON on the remote and there the file was.

    All and all i could have saved myself hours of work by calling the Guy from selling store but anyway it works now.

    Last question to you is if this box is really 4K? with that i mean can it really produce a 4k Picture for my 4k TV when it is in Satellitebox mode since i see in the settinngs only 1080P as max Resolution.
    Or does the the box have to be hooked up to a 4K TV before it showas the 4K Setting. Up till now i was only on a FHD TV.

  • Don`t understand why you make box install on TFT Monitor but ok.
    Of course it`s full 4k Box with HDR, HLG etc. Connect the box to UHD TV, change resolution to 2160 /60hz and chose 4K channels then you will see how good 4k looks like. ;)

  • i hooked up the box to my UHD tv and now i can select 2160 HZ.
    Ony issue that i have for now is that all UHD and some other HD give SERVICE ERROR message (No picture only sound)
    But this issue i put already in another thread and happens after channel upload by USB stick after list was reworked with C-[lexicon]Editor[/lexicon] program.