Mytvo EPG - navigate group to group

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  • An idea for development (unless existing functionality that i wasnt aware of it).

    When you are in the standard EPG and want to go to a different group, is there any easy way to navigate? E.g. I'm watching movies but want to see what is on in the sports group.

    I find I have to exit the epg, then either press group on the remote and select a group, or, exit the epg and press ok to bring up the channel list and then go left and select a group, select a channel in that group, and then bring up the EPG.

    Am I missing something?

    With beta testing showing a much more responsive epg, would like to stay in the EPG but view different groups by instance selecting fast fwd / rwd buttons to navigate through groups..


  • Is at moment the way how it works with stalker and they provider limitations, group by group. Easy way could be if you mark all your favorit channels and put this into Favorits group, then you see at once all EPG informations for all favorit channels.

  • I`m not sure but what i know is that you will with M3U and xtreme code api have more possibility's then with stalker. How will MOL be optimised in early stage with M3U and xtremcode api we will see in few days when the Update comes out.