"loading" issues......IPTV constantly buffering.

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  • Hi everyone, been on here nosing a few times before I bought my Z7+. Once I got it I was excited to test out my new toy, Unfortunately up to now I'm not very impressed.

    I have tried 5 different providers (not sure if I can name so I wont), at least 3 of which have come highly recommended and work ok on other devices. (Nvidia shield, android tablet, ipone 7+).

    I don't have a BB problem as I am sitting at about 375meg download and 20 upload.

    I'm using a Asus 5300 gaming router that is hard wired to my Formuler z7+.

    All I get when watching nearly every channel is "loading" every 20-60 seconds.

    spoke to "formuler" on facebook (I think it was kuulmedia the uks official reseller, but I may be wrong) who has tried to help, he had another server that was running fine on his box, (the current provider I am with, he took a trial out and also had same issues). I was sent a video of his tv with new server and looked floorless over the 1 minute or so video he sent.

    I have done a system restore, also the guy on facebook sent me a recovery file I put that on USB and done another reset and no look.

    formuler z7+
    sys id is ox44010101
    sw version is v1.2.16
    sw revision r13015
    build date 24-1-18

    thanks in advance for any help.

  • same here, i posted about it yesterday. I bought from ebay Kuulmedia last week and not contacted him myself, my z7+ is hardwired into my brand new received yesterday rt-ac86u router, had same problem on my rt-ac68u router to although i knew nothing to do with my router i just needed to upgrade, my router also has crypto engine built into cpu which improves vpn connections dramatically, got fibre 76mbps down / 20mbps up (upgraded yesterday from 38mbps down / 10mbps up, running z7+ through the router vpn client (i use merlin firmware), tried multitude of servers. Playing on demand content thats already been broadcast i get no buffering at all but do get it in streamed live tv constantly as you describe, sometimes not as frequent but frequent enough to ruin viewing experience. get no buffering in kodi using same provider and m3u file, streaming from other apps, 40d, itv hub, iplayer, youtube etc other free streaming apps and again no buffering, i get buffering when not using vpn connection to, i changed streaming server location via my iptv provider account and again same, did a factory reset and software reset more than once. I am at a loss now tbh.

    It would be great if this could be looked into further. Cheers.

  • I have been playing about with the Z7 and have installed stbemupro and using the same providers this is running like a charm, however this could have been done with any of the 3 android boxes in the house. Only purchased the Z7 for the mytvonline.

  • I had this when i first recieved my box, i went to network <a href="https://www.formuler-support.tv/lexicon/index.…try/4-settings/">[lexicon]settings[/lexicon]</a> and changed the wired connection from Auto DHCP to Static IP

    Just made it the same IP as it was on the auto and rebooted the box and its perfect now

    I already did this as on my network all permanent devices are given static ip's and still same, set static ip on the box and then on my router so it will always have the same ip. what iptv provider you using? message me let me know be interested to try your provider to see if it happens still out of curiosity.Cheers.

  • Did a bit more testing when i had time, on demand content (stuff already been aired) no buffering what so ever, same with VOD. Problem lies within Live TV.

    I've tried 2 VPN providers now, second provider is used and recommended by my iptv proveder as they use them themselves, full line speed when using vpn providers and different locations, happens without vpn etc as well, only happens in MyTVOnline app, but am going to test within the next day or so using my computer and kodi/vlc and iptv provider web portal. All other stuff i have already stated here: MYTVOnline app causing serious buffering issues.

  • Try this. I have 2 iptv providers I'm using with Mytvonline. When I first got the box i was pulling my hair out with buffering. Anyway after a bit of research and testing I now have buffer free live tv. First of do a full factory reset. Next go into Android settings and put it to static IP. Next open up Mytvonline go into settings and set buffer to 10sec. Also in settings make sure His mode is set to normal, channel list style is normal and epg mode is set to normal.

    Also hardwired is best and make sure the your Ethernet cable is plugged in tight as I've heard the Ethernet port can be dodge.

    As well for me during the hours of 8pm to midnight my internet provider messes wit my internet with throtteling and stuff so I found a VPN solved this issue. I use Ipvanish for this, and only use it in the hours mentioned above.

    One last thing if you noticed when starting up Mytvonline and the progress bar takes for ever to get to the end you are getting a bad connection. Normally a reboot fixes that issue.

  • Hi,

    To be fair most suggested has already been mentioned and tested when i was testing this issue and posted about it but still good tips for people to follow :smiling_face:

    Static IP i always use on my network for permanent devices and still had buffering but if you have been following my thread posted above, the issue was only happening with one provider not any others, i am testing some providers and will be testing some more in due course. Giving static IPs for permanent devices i do it on devices themselves and via my router web-gui, in my case i have put my box outside my DHCP pool range. One it allows to locate it on the network at anytime and two if using a VPN there are going to be issues with leaking and connectivity as when the router DHCP renews the devices IP address it may hand it out a new LAN ip address, when using VPN if the device IP changes (gets released back to the DHCP pool) the VPN will not know which device to route over the vpn client because the device IP has changed, this is based on running the vpn client directly at router level which i recommend over any vpn app.

    In regards to buffer i recommend everyone set it to 10 seconds regardless, it will only help build a 10sec buffer to help with smoother streaming.

    In my testing all ethernet cables were all replaced with CAT6a (as i was replacing some of my networking equipment anyway).

    Throttling, some ISPs do, some don't, my ISP does not, however i recommend as you suggested using a VPN to stop throttling and for privacy reasons, however some may throttle vpn traffic over default port 1198, so depending on vpn provider and ISP you may need to try different ports, vpn over ssl or ssh, hiding vpn fingerprint, one of my vpn providers allow all this with configuration then i set it up on the router, my other vpn provider is very basic but ideal for streaming over vpn without any technical knowledge.

    anyway good suggestions you have posted and welcome to the community! :smiling_face:

  • I noticed something strange. I also get buffering but figured out a strange way that eliminates buffering.

    When I am watching tv on my pc using IPTV on my browser since i have Vader streams, there is no buffering on the tv in the living room that is using the Formuler Z7+ mac address on mytvonline portal.

    I am from the U.S. and have one of the United States HD channels on my browser active such as CNN HD.

    Now when I closed the channel in my browser, shortly after, the TV in the living room starts buffering.

    Anyone want to try this that is having buffering issues on their tv but not on the pc? If it works for you or not , please post.

    Basically, without watching tv on my browser, the tv (connected to formuler z7+ with mytvonline) buffers til it fills then plays until buffer is empty then connects and fills up buffer then plays again. This repeats. While watching tv on my browser, the buffer on the tv is constantly filled.

    It's just really freak'n strange. Trying to figure out what is causing the buffering on the living room tv when I don't have tv on my pc browser.

    Update 5/25: Updated to MYTVOnline BETA and it works much better now!

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