Service error sign for UHD channels and some other channels after rework with C-Tech 3.25 editor and new upload

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  • Hi

    I downloaded the Channel list from the receiver with 23,5 19,2 and 28,2 sat channels to an USB Stick.
    Next i imported the list to C-Tech [lexicon]editor[/lexicon] 3.25 and shifted channels to my perferred places.
    After this i exported the list to the .asvc format file like in the instruction on this Forum.
    Uploaded the file to the receiver again and everything works fine.
    Execpt after this i experience that all UHD and also some HD channels give the message SERVICE ERROR with yellow triangle sign when i select them.
    Is there anybody who had the same issue and maybe has a solution.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    It`s hard to say what did wrong with C editor, let the box scan again (you have channel backup) and check after fresh scan the Channels first then import to c editor and edit.

  • already found it.
    seems that the box does not Export data that this is a h265 channel.
    I marked it in the Programm then uploaded again and Service error was gone for all UHD.
    Also for Sound here you have to mark AC3/DTS for each UHD channel again in the C-Editor Programm.
    Otherwise no Sound for most UHD Channels.
    By the way i use a Durtch Canal Digitaal Smartcard but the Card Reader says something like invalid Card.
    I guess i Need sperarte plugin for the Card Reader. Were can i find/download it?
    Is there also a plugin with wich i can share my Smartcard to another Receiver in my house over my Network?

  • I have a official Canal Digitaal card as well, but the box does not recognise it . After contact with my provider of the box the result was very disappointing. There must be an software install to let the box see the CD card. CD does not want to give the code, and only some providers of other disk receivers have this code and do not share it. It is very strange and annoying that you can not put an official card in the Formuler S turbo

  • SAM

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