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  • Hello.

    Has anyone else experienced bad performance when using Smart IPTV app?

    I have uploaded the M3U to the site in the correct format, and whatever i try, most channels are freezing, even the SD ones.

    I have changed the buffer on the app to maximum and connected direct by lan to the router and still the same.

    Using MyTVOnline I get perfect results! and the same M3U on a different android box works fine.

    Is there a firmware issue that needs to be addressed? is anyone else experiencing the same difficulties?

  • Further to my post...

    If you select to watch the channel using an external video player, then the streaming is flawless.

    So this appears to be an issue with the way the formuler's firmware deals with the video from the smart iptv app.

    I will contact their support, but it's likely they will say all other android devices are working ok, so it may be that something needs to be tweaked with the formuler's firmware

  • You can download it from the site from here The link is on the right of the page.

    As for the benefits.... it's a matter of choice and preference...

    I have the wife trained to use it so she can carry on with it in this box... I have my own M3U with different channels/countries... I can use the MyTvonline app...obviously not at the same time but it works well.

    The beta has addressed the lagging and freezing... so that's excellent

    Thank you!

  • The problem may be in your device. When did you buy your iptv box? What firmware is worth. I advise you to explore the new items(here) and just compare the characteristics. Maybe it's time to change it.