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  • Hello again. Well I really messed something up. First I have a Mitsubishi DLP big screen tv. Whenever I would watch a movie or exiting I kept seeing the format changing back and fourth. So dummy me hit the resolution button and a message came up about changing the HDR wide ciolor and resolution. So I tried doing that too. Now I have invalid format on TV with no sound or picture when I turn box on. Thank you very much for the help again. Take care.

  • Hi,

    So if you press 'resolution' on formuler remote control you see nothing still?

    If so press 'resolution' then up or down arrow, sometimes maybe more than once ad hopefully it will change to a supported resolution and display again even though you will not be able to see anything when doing this as you say nothing showing now. Either that or check your tv settings and try changing resolution from there.

  • Try the following to solve the no picture issue on your TV.

    • Turn ON the TV
    • Pull the power from your Formuler device.
    • Plug power back into the Formuler device.
    • Do you see the Formuler booting logo?
    • Wait at least 2 minutes for the box to boot up.
    • Press the Resolution button on your Formuler remote
    • Wait 5 seconds.
    • Does the picture appear on the TV screen?
    • If not, Press the Resolution button twice
    • Wait 5 seconds
    • Does the picture appear on the TV screen?
    • If not, Press the Resolution button THREE times
    • etc.

    If the above steps don't work, you will need to do a factory reset on your Formuler box.
    If factory reset does not solve the problem, you may have inadvertently changed some settings on your TV that caused the loss of A/V

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