Sharing tuners between STB's and to endpoint that only has network connectivity

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  • I have two Formuler F1 boxes that I've connected to each other on my LAN. Both have 2 x DVB-S2 + 1 x T + 1 x C inputs. One box is master and has a hard drive. It's working well and I can share tuners between these boxes. What I want now is to see if I can add a another TV to this, where all I have there is network access. In other words I'd like to be able to take use tuners from the two Formuler F1 boxes (one of which is generally idle), over the network to some kind of box that will take the feed over the network without having an tuners itself, or even if it has a tuner it's not used. I could get another F1 I suppose, but taht seems excessive if I have no inputs to the tuners. Would some other Formuler box (OTT or IPTV) be what I need? Can these take a signal from the Formular F1 tuners over the network?

  • Hi,
    if i understood well then you could take also some Android Box with Kodi, install needed addon into Kodi and then you can control the unused F1 tuner on your Android device, raspberry or something else with Kodi. I did it here with Amazon fire stick and wrote some small how to -> Zugriff per Fire TV stick/box auf F1 ( HDD )