Fast scan function

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  • Hello dear Formuler support team.

    I would like to ask for fast scan function. You mentioned that you are still workinkg on it by last sw update release notes.
    I want to buy 3 formuler set top boxes for me and some family members and this box is my favourit.
    Only constraint for me is that this box has'nt fast scan and it makes me worries because parameters are changing pretty often by my provider (SKYLINK ASTRA 23.5 E)
    and fast scan function can keep these changes still up to date.

    So my question is if this receiver will have had fast scan function in following SW update ?

    I want to ask for sure because I want to order this box as soon as possible and this was the last doubt before it.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

  • Hello,

    The engineers are working on EPG improvements right now.
    After that, they will add the Fast Scan function.

    Hard to say for sure if the fast scan function will be included in the upcoming patch.

    We understand this is an important feature. Thanks for your patience.

    Unsolicited PMs for support will be ignored.

    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.

  • Thank you for answer. OK, no problem it doesn't matter if it won't be in next release already, but for me is important that you plan to add this fuction upon the time.
    Ok so I hope that fast scan will be available in this receiver till end of year 2018.

    So I will trust in formuler engineer and I'm ordering this receiver this week.

    PS: What kind of improvement of EPG are you working on now ? Of course if it is not the secret :)

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  • for my own curiosity, what is this 'fast scan' feature? What would it give us?


  • With the Fast Scan Table (FST) function, you can install a complete channel bouquet of the selected country in a couple of seconds and keep your channel list up-to-date automatically.

  • for my own curiosity, what is this 'fast scan' feature? What would it give us?


    Fast scan is function which helps with set of satellite programs of your provider. The provider has got one special transponder (frequency) which contains information about every transponders of your provider and "Fast scan" feature can read these information and set very fast complete bunch of programs (i.e. settings) of your provider. Fast scan feature also knows to mantain your program's frequencies up to date for example if a program changed the frequecy (transponder) the fast scan feature would re-set it automatically on behind (without your spoting that re-seting).

    There is very useful feature at most if your provider changes the program's frequencies very often -> fast scan takes care about it (for example by your grandma's receiver :D ;) )

  • Dobry prijimac si si vybral. Fastscan bude, ale ktovie kedy. A ci bude hned funkcny. Nie ako EPG. Funguje zle od zaciatku.