formuler z 7+

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  • Hi, newbie here, i'm thinking about buying one of these boxes [ that why i registered on this site ] How good are these boxes compared with a lot of other box with the same or very close spec, Amazon seems to be full of android boxes and seem to have good reports...sorry for the nob question guys....

    Shit happens :)

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  • Hi wullboy!

    Welcome to the forum :)

    I purchased my first formuler device approx 4 weeks ago, prior to this i had another android box.

    I can only tell you from my own experience and i recommend the Formuler Z7+ over other boxes, there's so many out there as you say. Here is a quote of mine from another thread.


    The box i had prior to the Formuler Z7+ which cost double the price and was never mentioned prior to purchase required installing unofficial custom firmware from a community forum with no audits, then install patches, addons just to get the basics working and then still riddled with bugs and a support team that was in denial and blamed the customer, manufacturer did not care hence the unofficial community custom firmware and the support was from the distributor, manufacturer did not want to know or supported there users and i paid double the price of the Formuler Z7+ and that's before even going into when using kodi how i had to install wrappers and addons just to play a basic video and that came with green/pink video being displayed, when it did play a video fine it stuttered, freezed and crashed regularly. Honestly it was a nightmare.

    Obviously not all boxes are like that but i've not tried some of the other popular ones out there. Truth is everyone has personal tastes and differences, whether it be the user interface, shape/colour of box.

    I am not going to pretend everything is perfect, every android box or anything for that matter than runs firmware/software etc will have bugs. Sure this box has some bugs but there are regular updates to fix those pesky bugs (many cheap boxes won't get any updates and no support, depending what you buy) and it's definitely the most stable box and firmware that i have tried.

    If you have any other questions then please just ask. :)