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  • What kind of speeds should I see using the ethernet connection on an Internet connection that is over 100mbps?

    Ever since I got my Formuler Z7+ it has been using the ethernet connection to my router which is then connected directly to the cable modem. I changed my internet provider and now I get a lot better speeds but I've noticed that through the Formuler using Speedtest I get about 50mbps download speeds. From my laptop, connected to the 5ghz wifi I get around 115mbps, and on the 2ghz about 55mbps. I don't get the 5ghz on the Formuler and I shutdown the wifi connection on it to force it to go through the ethernet, but I still get about half of what the 5ghz wifi gets. I have also hooked up my laptop using the same ethernet cable that is going into the Formuler and I consistently get over 100mpbs. So it makes me think the bottleneck is the Formuler. What sort of speeds do you guys see using ethernet? What should I be seeing?


  • On 1G fiber I get 94M Down / 94M Up using the built-in 100M ethernet on Z7+


    Using the experimental USB3.0 external gigabit Ethernet adapter, I get close to 300M down on the same connection


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  • Hi,

    The speed between the Z7+ and your router will never exceed 100Mbps as the ethernet port in the Z7+ is 10/100 NIC meaning the fastest rate it supports is 100Mbps. Most routers should say if you are getting the full link speed between router and device, so check that.

    1) What are your MAX download/upload speeds as provided by your ISP?

    2) also you say when connected to 5GHz WiFi band using laptop you get 115Mbps, do you mean that is the result you get from on your laptop or are you checking the speed that is shown in windows on your laptop? if the latter then that is not the speed of your internet connection, it's the speed between your laptop and router, also a laptop is much faster than an android box.

    3) Also are other devices connected using the internet bandwidth when you are performing speed tests?

    QoS, if you have a router that supports it can help as you can prioritize devices, certain traffic etc, again dependant on router but doubt that will do much seeing as we talking big differences in speed.

    My ISP i get approx 66Mbps down and 20Mbps up, using app on formuler z7+ and running over vpn i get full line speeds, sometimes it drops a couple of Mbps but that's normal for any internet connection let alone going over vpn using encryption.

    I don't have a very fast internet connection of 100Mbps+ as stated above to be able to test but the fact i can get my full line speed running over a vpn connection with encryption which is higher than what you are getting on your Z7+ not running over vpn i doubt it's the Z7+ box.

    The z7+ is more than capable you should get near or around full line speed.

  • Hi seanns32,

    This is going off topic and we must keep to the topic in question, please understand as it can cause confusion and it's not related to the OPs question.

    However to answer your question, I have two providers, the one i use for Formuler box is PIA, only been with them a few weeks and they are certainly not my first choice, not for speed but other things, i run my vpn client at router level not using an app from provider.

    Please also understand my router is not ISP provided which in general are very poor, my router has a 64bit dual core CPU with a hardware crypto engine built-in to the CPU designed for handling VPN connections at higher speed using encryption. However i still get better speed results than the op whether i use vpn or not and as i say i get near full line speeds, minus a few mbps here and there which is normal for any internet connection.

  • Hi I have similar problem with my Z7+ box. My internet max download speed is around 44Mbps. I have tested my internet with Laptop (Wifi+Ethernet) and Desktop computer (Wifi+Ethernet), both devices give me speed above 40Mbps on both Wifi and Ethernet. My Z7+ box gives me good speed on Wifi i.e. above 40Mbps but low speed on Ethernet (around 27Mbps). I have done several tests and it never goes above 29Mbps on Ethernet whereas on WiFi it is above 40Mbps most of the time. Any idea why this could be happening? Thanks

  • I am experiencing much of the same with Speedtest results, tested VPN small percentage difference in speed from non vpn, but only getting about 48mbps tops over my Formuler Z7+, 100mbps Ethernet port -> Gig Linksys WRT1900ac router -> 150mbs ISP connection. All other devices on my network get over 150mbs speed tests and drop significantly with VPN!