EPG missing

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  • Hi Mozoo,

    First you should check with your provider if there are currently any issues. I say this as two providers i know of are doing major upgrades, have been for past two weeks or so and still going to take another week or more at least by sounds of it and one of them has the issue you describe because they are having to do a manual upgrade and manual edit of every single channel in the EPG, plus i have had issues with both providers today including no EPG, so please contact your provider first.

    Generally any information missing from the EPG specially as you say it's just UK stations, which i assume other stations EPG is fine from the information you have provided, is telling me this is a provider issue. The app does not provide any kind of subscription or service it's just an app, so any issues relating to provider needs to be taken up with them.

    Once you have checked with your provider and if they say there is no issue (some will say everything is fine even when it's not), then please copy the template from here then paste it here and fill in with as much information as possible. I do think though this is your provider going by the information you have provided.