Formuler 7z+ scheduled recordings stop after a few minutes

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  • I have good streams, with little buffering.

    However when trying to schedule recordings I wake up the next morning to find a 2 minute recording of a program that lasts for 2.5 hours. Recording is so inconsistent, really frustrating during Stanley Cup season. This same behavior has been on a number of channels.

    Recording live TV has worked fine but I need to test this more. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues with scheduled recordings?

    Not sure how to troubleshoot further?


  • I had this issue too. Basically, recording stops when the connection to the channel is lost. When the channel 'comes back' , recording isn't resumed.The advice I got was to extend buffering to 15 seconds.

  • Thanks I have been able to replicate this. I can only extend buffering to 10 seconds via MyTVOnline settings.

    My question would be why would the recording stop when the channel is lost?
    Is this expected behavior?
    I would presume 9/10 users who lose a channel would expect it to return at some point. For example over 2 hours I lose signal twice, I do not want the application to stop recording if this takes place.

  • You're right. Its 10 seconds, my bad. Sorry. When I asked about this in the forum, I understood its a known thing. No idea why. Why the recording does not restart, no idea either.