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  • Hello all

    New to the forum so apologies if I'm doing anything incorrectly. I've looked through other topics and can't see anyone talking about this but it is driving me absolutely bonkers.

    My EPG is one hour out. It's saying what's on now is what was on an hour ago, with the 'next' show according to the EPG actually the one that's on now.

    I cannot for the life of my figure out how to change this. If I change the time on the Time & Date section of my Formuler Z7+ settings then all that happens is the clock in the corner changes but everything on the EPG stays the same.

    The only thing I've noticed is that if it's, say, 16.30 in real time and I change the clock to 17.30 in Settings, the time when I go to the EPG says 17.30 but if I go to 'Settings' within MyTVOnline it says 16.30 still. As though the time has changed on the device overall but MyTVOnline is stuck to the actual time.

    Any help at all would be hugely appreciated as I'm going crazy with this.

  • Go to settings, system, then press 0227 on your remote. If there is firmware to update then update.
    Then press back button to home screen and go into market.
    Go to mytvonline app and install the second one.
    Reboot box and see if any better.
    Worked for me.

  • Thanks man, appreciate that. Sadly I'd already done it and it made no difference. Honestly driving me crackers. Just can't do anything about it!

  • I am with a certain IPTV provider whose EPG has been 1 hour adrift for several weeks now, they keep promising this will be fixed with the next webgrab ( whatever that is ) but so far no joy, so this could be a provider issue?

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