After yesterdays software update (10mb) in size the box reboots its self repeatedly

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  • After op system update, the box cycles non stop and never boots up. I see the Z7 Splash screen, then the circles for about two minutes approx, then it reboots again, and this is all that is happening since sw upgrade.

    Kist letting you know, anybody else have this issue?

  • @spn

    does this affect your new Z7+ box from Dad and happen trough update procedure, please give me more infos and the current fw version.

  • Hi Sam

    My dads box was returned, and his supplier "world of satalite" in the UK, says they will check his box in-house before sending a new one back. Hopefully, they will be checking it today.

    The issue above, at the start of this thread, is related to my box, and the software version is My TV v1.09.06-r1443 and Op System is v1.2.16 and SW Revision is r13015. The workaround I have now discovered is to leave the box unplugged for 5 mins then it boots ok.

    Whilst I am here, as I own, and have invested in all versions of your boxes that you have made Dreamlink T1, T2 and Z7+ I would like to say the remotes in my opinion for the T1 and T2 are far more comfortable and a much better user experience than the one for the z7+ maybe you should reconsider the remote design and the z7+ as I think the RC Z7+ is very clunky and noisy and the RC for the t1 and t2 are smooth, responsive and comfortable in the hand and a pleasure to use. (On a positive, upbeat, end note, I believe in you guys, I know you will get it right, I applaud your innovation and salute your vanguard design. You will always have teething issues, so keep believing and never ever give up and most of all keep going with your awesome support

    Cheers Simon

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  • Thank you for your nice words spn, it`s always motivation turbo for us to hear such words :thumbup:
    T2 is other Brand and is not supported here on Forum, so the decisions what kind of RCU`s each box have is always depended from Brand owner. The complete Z series have like i know 3 different RCU`s and the smallest from Z+ is the best in my eyes. Small, not noisy and with smooth buttons, for me the best of all 3. It`s something what i have already suggested to Formuler and hope this will be considered in future Boxes.

  • Hi Sam I raised a support ticket with World of sat with the intention of returning my box. They sent me a reset file that goes on a usb stick with max size of 8gb and formatted in Fat 32. Then I switched the box off, inserted usb with reset file and inserted the power lead. Instantly I hit the up channel up button until I could see the reset starting then I stopped hitting the channel up. After 2 Setup reboots I am happy to say my box is factory restored, like new and running beatifully. No need to return ! :)

  • I think i know what they send to you and we have it also here on board as instruction, but could you upload the file and text here in post only for recheck?

  • I agree with spn, the remote for the Z7+ is not very user friendly at all, if i can manage to purchase a T1/T2 remote unit will it be compatible with my Z7+ box?

  • Ok my optimism was short lived. After 3 factory resets since Saturday, I am now looking at my z7+ box recycle every 10 secs, and it never gets past the circles. So I have asked ‘World of sat’ will they exchange it for a Dreamlink T2 which I also own, and Never had an issue with. Sorry but my box is not fit for purpose. I hate giving up but my box simply does not work it never restarts without a issue :(

    yes the T2 remote is compatible with the Z7+

  • Ok 40 mins after my last post I have been told by WORLD OF SATALITE the boot issues are related to the apps we install & it will not happen with a factory clean version. So I am going to do a another factory reset and run it with a clean op system for a few days and see how I get on.

    “Sam if you give me your email I will send your factory reset file for posting here on your board.”

  • Install first next coming update, should fix the problem. Do you use exFAT formatted devices, sd card or USB?

  • I had the same problem. I did a factory reset and then did NOT install this little update. Z7+ is working great - best since I got it last month. I am avoiding installing this small update. :-)

    Using an external exfat hard drive.

  • I had the same problem. I did a factory reset and then did NOT install this little update. Z7+ is working great - best since I got it last month. I am avoiding installing this small update. :-)

    Using an external exfat hard drive.


    How to factory reset?

    Mine is stuck doing the same thing now, I didn't see any updates coming in, but it must have.


    Got it -…-Z7-factory-reset-tool-v1

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