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  • Hopefully this new update fixes a lot of problems with this box. It seems that corruption of kodi & my TV online will get fixed it, as it seems to happen the more I use this box. I know that it is fairly new but a little disappointed that I have had to do a factory reset twice. Not a big deal for me, but other people with less knowledge would be more frustrated with a lot of bugs on this box that they would not know how to fix.

  • My optimism, and enthusiasm for the z7+ is on its last legs. All week won’t boot, cycles of reboots and now I just did a factory reset and Ali get is the circles of death. The factory reset I did from the menu and it never booted again. What else can I do to make it work? I really wanted to love this box but I’m thinking to send it back and return to the T2.

    When is the next sw update due to fix all these boot and stability issues? I want to be supportive but I just can’t find a fix for my problems and it’s been every time I want to use the box. Never experienced anything like this on the T1 or T2 and as I said it won’t boot after factory reset!

  • Hi Norton please can you confirm that after making a system reset the box would return to a new unused condition? And it should just boot? I tried many times trying to reset using usb stick file and rapid hitting of the channel up button but nothing ever happened! Finally when it eventually booted I did a factory reset from menu

  • After a factory reset everything went back to normal. I took out my SD card just in case reloaded a couple of apps & it seems to work fine. Not sure if the latest update is causing this issue or not. Will wait for the official update & see what happens.