My Furmula z7+ Is running Perfectly no issues at all

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  • If your z7+ box is running superb, without issues, can you drop a line here please, so potential buyers are not put off by those seeking fixes. It’s nice to have perspective. :)

  • My FZ7+ boxes run very well. Far superior performance than any of the Chinese Android boxes that I own. My only complaint now is the new epg method(MyTVonline) hasn't been applied to the XC login or m3u as of yet. I recommend the F7Z+ to everyone.

  • Running 3 z7+'s and have had great experience with it.
    A few small issues here and there but I know they are being addressed in the next big firmware update.
    I'm always recommending them over the "competition"!

  • Works very well. I upgraded from a T1+ for the newer Android version and the additional RAM. I am very pleased with the Z7+.

    Edit: I've come back here to update my post. After the latest update, today Tuesday April 24 2018, my Z7+ is working perfectly. I'm really impressed, so far, since the update.

    Edit: The MOL guide no longer works for any channels on my Vaders sub. I'm not so impressed anymore.

    Edit: EPG working again. I'm happy, and impressed, once again. <3

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  • Well thats good news guys, i have stalled in buying one of these boxes, as i know nothing about Android boxes,and over the last 2 weeks there has been a lot of people complain about a few issues with this box,so,it seems to be getting ironing out bit by bit, so still watching the threads on here,and its looking good that may get round to buying one soon,

    Always look on the bright side of live :)