HDMI output for Formuler Z7+

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  • Hi , I have a question regarding HDMI input/output for Z7+. I have a configuration of one Z7+, one 4K Vizio TV (with ARC, HDR (M50-E1)) and one Samsung Blue Ray player with 5.1 surround sound Home theater (HT-D6530) with ARC. I also have Harmony remote and I can use it for all of my devices.

    As Z7+ has only one HDMI out and I am using one premium HDMI cable from Z7+ (HDMI OUT) to Home Theater (HDMI IN 1) and another premium HDMI cable from Home Theater (HDMI OUT) to Vizio TV (HDMI IN 1). The problem is that Home Theater can pass through maximum 1080P resolution, so I cannot watch 4K content on my TV.

    I found that there are HDMI splitters: Can I use one which has one IN and two OUT ports (1X2) so that I can use Z7+ OUT to splitter IN
    and one OUT to TV and another OUT to Home Theater. Since I don't know much about HDMI technology or protocols. Please advise if any kind of splitter will do the job and I can get full 4K resolution and all audio like DTS and Dolyby as mentioned above, if yes please recommend it

    In short, I want a splitter or solution that can use one HDMI out from Z7+ to split it into two 4K HDMI ports (resolutions) despite one device cannot handle 4K but will be used for Audio only. Thanks in advance.

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  • Im not sure i fully understand, but what about this solution:

    take your Z7+ HDMI out and send directly to TV. SInce your TV has ARC, the HDMI cable which goes from hometheatre to your TV can also act as a conduit for the AUDIO to go from TV to hometheatre. That way, when you're watching your Z7+, the HDMI (with video + audio) goes directly to TV, and then the audio is pushed down the ARC HDMI towards the hometheatre system. So you get video on your TV, and audio from your home theatre system.

  • Thanks seanns32, Right now I am using Z7+ HDMI OUT to HT HDMI IN and another cable from HT OUT to TV's HDMI IN but HT cannot pass through video beyond 1080P.
    The problem is that there is no HDMI out on my TV so I cannot connect HT to TV as per your suggestion. My TV has four HDMI IN . The other way of connecting HT is through TV's optical port but as per my knowledge, optical cable cannot handle high definition (HD) audio.

  • Your TV doesn’t need an HDMI out for my suggestion. One of your TVs HDMI inputs has ARC (audio return channel, I think?) which is able to send audio in the reverse direction (ie from TV to home theatre). So you will plug HDMI directly from Z7+ to TV (this sends video and audio directly to TV) and then only the audio will travel down the HDMI cable (the one connected from HT out to TV in). You just need to make sure the HDMI coming from the HT is plugged into the TV’s HDMI input which supports ARC (usually mid range TVs only have one HDMI input which supports ARC).

    your optical cable idea will work also. You’d plug it into TVs optical output and into the HT’s optical input. There’s not really anything called ‘HD audio’ so not sure what you’re referring to. Optical 100% supports 5.1 sound and any audio codec you’ll use.

  • Thanks again seanns32. I have been trying to use HDMI cable for audio using ARC but due to some unknown reason my Harmony remote is unable to work and I have to use Home Theater's remote to set OUTPUT/INPUT. So this solution is not working for now.

    I would try and use Optical cable but which device's optical port should I use: Formuler Z7+ or TV ? I mean , I want DTS and Dolby 5.1 surround sound using home theater. Thanks.

  • Have you tried your TVs remote? Meaning, you need to tell your TV that although it's getting a video+audio signal from Z7+ via the HDMI, it should only display the Video and that the audio will be sent down the ARC HMDI to the HT. Usually within the TV settings it's basically "play sound through HT and not TV speakers" kinda thing.

    As for the optical, you might as well plug one end into the Z7+ and the other into the HT. Once that's done, you now just need to ensure your settings with the Z7+ and HT are correctly setup. For the Z7+, in the android settings and within SOUND, you need to set the sound output to 'S/PDIF' (this is another way of saying optical). And then on the HT, you need to make sure it's playing audio from the Optical (i.e. S/PDIF) input. Your TV will be getting the video feed directly from the Z7+ via the HDMI cable.

    let me know how it goes

  • Thanks. I am using TV's optical with HT and so for it is good and getting 5.1 Dolby with some channels but will keep looking for a solution with HDMI splitter/matrix.

    Please let me know if there is a thread explaining (detailed) how to install/use Kodi with Z7+ to watch movies. Thanks in advance.

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  • Like watch movies from the internet via Kodi? My reccomendation is to check out TerrariumTV. I can’t go into details here, but just google it and google installation instructions.

  • the volume control bug has been reported to the Formuler developers, hopefully it'll be fixed in the next update.

    On your box, when you're in the home/Android menu, you should see a green icon/app called Market. You can find TerrariumTV there. Your other option is to install a browser like Google Chrome onto the box (you'd get this from the Google Play Store), and from the browser navigate to the TerrariumTV website. From there, you can download the application (referred to as an APK) to Formuler box.

  • Thanks seanns32. So far everything is good, except box cannot wake up in the morning (sometimes) and I need to unplug the power cable. I have done factory reset (twice) after latest firmware update but it has not solved the problem.

    I will wait for next update about volume control bug.

    Can you please let me know how to PM, as I want to ask you about providers as it cannot be discussed via thread. Thanks.

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