Please help with current firmware/bricked Formuler

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  • Model: Formuler Z7+
    Retail Box or Provider Box: Retail Box

    Firmware version and date: (Latest As of April 24th 2018)

    MyTVOnline version and date: (N/A)

    Did you factory reset your device? and when? N/A

    What issue(s) are you having? (please provide full details in an easy to understand manner)
    Just purchased another Z7+, and as usual connected it and it started with checking firmware and asked to update it, selected background update/download (everything was working fine in the menu system). Was looking through marketplace, and editing the mytvonline app. Then upgrade popped up again (maybe 5 min later), so I selected to run it. Box rebooted, Formuler splash screen came up, and then the coloured circle, then reboot, then repeated the process of splash screen and circle.
    I've tried to find a factory image to re-image box, to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

    What was you expecting to happen? (please tell us what you were expecting to happen)
    I was expecting the firmware to successfully finish like with my other Z7+ box.

    What have you tried to rectify the issue? (i.e. rebooted device, factory reset, powered off device, replaced cable etc.)
    I've tried to reboot several times, tired some suggested instructions like creating an empty file to add to a usb key, nothing happens.
    I've also tried just to use the CH UP to see what would happen, and I get the android logo laying down with a red ! above it. Perhaps Android O/S is corrupt?

    Any help or location of a factory image would be greatly appreciated. I noticed on Formuler site, they only have tools to fix Series S boxes, but nothing for Z?


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