Recordings stop or won't start (BUG?)

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  • BUG or by DESIGN?

    ISSUE: Setting a recording immediately or future timed works if MOL is in foreground and user isn't using the device. If user presses HOME key (leaving MOL running in background) and decides to use another app (ie. Plex, local video, etc) the recording immediately stops (if active) or fails to start (if timed). This means that a user can NOT use the device when a recording has been set or must remember to load MOL to have a timed recording trigger.

    EXPECTED: Just like a regular PVR, if a user is watching a local video, streaming from an app, playing a game, etc, a recording should continue to record or start when a timed event is scheduled.

    TESTED EQUIPMENT: 3 Formuler z7+ with all current updates with USB3.0 external HDD (formatted NTFS) on USB3.0 port

  • Interesting. Yeah if what you said is true, I would think this should be a ‘bug’. If the system is smart enough to come out of sleep mode and record, it should be able to record while app is still running in background (unless by going to the home screen or another app actually cuts off the IPTV stream to the box?)

  • Additional Issue: If MOL is in foreground and recording is started (with indicator showing on top right) and a user presses POWER to go into stand-by (verified by settings) the recording immediately stops.

    Expected: Unit should continue recording regardless of power state. If recording is in progress unit should stay awake until recording is finished.