externe harddisk (network)

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  • Is there a manual for adding a externe hard drive (network not usb) to your formule z7+
    Need this for recoding tv program's

  • Don't believe so. What I did to circumvent this however is to create a network drive of the folder where the DVR video files are stored. (your formuler device storage is accessible from a computer, you just need to navigate to the IP address in a file explorer) Once I found the directory it was storing the DVR video files in, I then created a custom robocopy script that runs every hour or manually to pull the video files over to my media server and remove the copies from the formuler. If you're interested let me know and I can give you more direct instruction.

  • Hi Cyborne

    I will like to have those instruction if I can. I can't setup me S mini to accept the storage network.