Z7+ stuck in version 1.2.10 r12567

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  • Hello,

    I received my Z7+ today. It's at version 1.2.10 r12567.

    I booted for the first time. I got to the main menu.

    I restarted the system but it got stuck in a boot loop.

    I tried the recovery procedure.

    Finally I'm able to get it running again but the updates are never seen/downloaded nor installed.

    Is there a way to force a software upgrade else than trying to get an OTA that's not coming?

    I'm stuck in this v.1.2.10 buggy with myonlinetv buggy freezing / laggy and no epg :)

    Thank you

  • Ok Guys,

    I was able to upgrade finally. Whether I connected to my wifi or wired connection. It always reports Internet connection: no.

    I tried connecting wifi to my galaxy phone and tether the data connection. It worked - internet connection yes.

    I was offered to upgrade.

    The thing is all my devices are behind a firewall which permits ip any any from inside vit from outside, nothing passes. I don't know if there's a check coming from outside that sends an ok... to the z7+ system.

    Do we need to open any ports from outside connections for the z7+?

    It seems we do...

    I don't want to put the formuler z7+ straight on the internet - no way ! Any ideas?

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  • Ok - I found the answer.

    The Z7+ has to be pingable from the outside network in order to display : Connected to internet: yes.

    It's not a matter of being able to reach internet from inside... well.