VPN on Formuler

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  • hey everyone,

    has anyone installed a VPN app on the formuler Z7+ box (whether it be the nordVPN app, torguard app, PIA app, etc etc whoever your provider is) and once connected to the VPN have you see good internet speeds? I have a 120mbps and without the VPN I see the expected ~94mbps speeds (ethernet port is limited to 100mbps), but when I use a VPN i get anywhere from 5-25mbps. The issue is, when I install the same VPN service on my desktop I'll get much higher speeds, around 80-110mbps.

    So basically my questions is, has any body installed a VPN on the formuler box and get 'good' speeds? i.e. similar speeds to what you'd get if you installed VPN on a powerful computer? I'm thinking perhaps the Formuler H/W struggles with the VPN encriptions?

    I've tried installing the VPN directly into the Android OS but it always fails to connect.

    Any thoughts/tips/comments are appreciated!