Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

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  • Does anyone have working versions of these apps?

    Neither seems to be functional on my box. Able to get both to load, but get an error whenever I attempt to play a video.

    Netflix worked on my Dreamlink T1 previously, unsure why it doesn't work on the Z7+.

  • i am having same issue i can get netflix to work by clearing data off app and logging in again however amazon prime crashes every single time i play a video hopefully someone will look at this

  • i have both loaded onto my Z7 and Netflix does crash but on the 3rd or 4th attempt it will load. No problems with Prime only that i can't get 4K on there only 1080p

    Can you remember how you installed Prime? Seem to have got a version of Netflix working at least.

  • I got my Z7+ yesterday and installed Netflix from the official Google Play. The app starts fine (it crashed the first time) and I can play movies, but I can't navigate anywhere else than the "home" screen, no way to scroll down, only the first suggestions are visible :(

    I also observed that the quality is quite poor and it takes some time to switch to a proper quality, while the Netflix app running on my Samsung TV doesn't have this problem ...

    Anyone else observing the same symptoms ? Maybe the Netflix app is not "optimized" for this screen size or platform ?

  • Netflix is a joke, worked fine yesterday and I could navigate with the controller properly. Tried again today and controller navigation no longer works! Re-booted the box although it now no longer signs in.......... :/ Feel like a damn product tester so far with this box!!!

  • I'm sure once the issues with mytvonline are sorted, they will find away of implementing widevine lvl 1, in there boxes, which can be done by a firmware update. Until that is implemented there will no 4K Netflix prime or YouTube. My two biggest grips with the box are that and the audio codec not implement correctly to kodi standards on android. If they get these issue sorted they will have a nearly perfect box.

  • Hello All,

    Got my new Formuler Z7+ .

    Primevideo app which is directly downloaded from Play Store plays for 2 secs and crashes. Could you suggest how to resolve this?

  • Formuler should change their firmware from Android Phone OS to Android TV OS. Netflix would then be available with the official app and 4k streaming.

    I agree fully. I switched from mag box to Forumler Z7 after hearing great things about it. It works great for the MyTv but sadly the android apps / software not so much.
    Even my old sh1tty Chinese android box runs on Android TV.

    I miss Netflix running properly :(

  • 4k is on Nvidia Shield, Fire, Apple, Smart TVs.

    Widevine and drm for big brands, formuler I doubt would get that licensing.

    Chinese boxes with android TV OS will run netflix/prime with no air mouse and maybe get HD.

    Formuler selling point is MyTV app, that's it in reality, that and few third party apps

    Use official apps on boxes like the above or smart tv apps on tv, Prime and Netflix on my Samsung/Shield also.