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  • Good evening

    I just received my formulate Z7 +. Everything is functional except the EPG in MyTVOnlines, I have a m3u file and an url address for the epg, the two functions in kodi, but when I open mytvonline I can see that the epg is loading, but it does not I can not find it, I can not find a solution, thank you for your help.

  • I have a suggestion to make. The EPG seems to be quite functional. With field for link or file. What I liked to see in mytvonline is the addition for more than one epg for example to meter 2 epgs at the same time. Is it possible ???

  • Hello

    I tried everything nothing works

    Guide compressé GZip(~6MO) [conseillé] :


    Guide compressé Zip(~6MO) [conseillé] :


    Guide brut (~55MO) :


  • Same issue and we have another thread about it so seems to be an issue in MOL as the EPG xml URL works fine in other apps, just not MOL.

    Hoping a future update resolves it.

  • Anglais:

    Here is how I managed to have the EPG in Mytvonline. Before all configure its link m3u with notepad +, so choose the favorite channels.

    First of all, go to the website http://koditvepg.com/epgs/

    click on EPG and choose your country (I'm France)

    1: download by clicking on the 3rd links (BETA) Test playlist http://koditvepg.com/epgs/

    2: the link in the file is as follows:

    #EXTINF:0 tvg-id="Kombat Sport" tvg-name="Kombat Sport", Kombat Sport


    For it to be taken into account by Mytvonline you have to change them with notepad +, Example

    #EXTINF: 1 tvg-id = "Kombat Sport", Kombat Sport


    There must be no space between the lines and follow the spelling if it does not work.

    Then enter the address Uncompressed EPG (first link) in Menu, playlist, edit, XML TV EPG and enter the address.

    Français :

    Voici comment j'ai réussi a avoir l'EPG dans Mytvonline .Avant tout configurer son lien m3u avec notepad + , donc choisir que les chaines favorites .

    Tout d'abord se rendre sur se site , click sur EPG et choisir son pays .(moi c'est la France)

    1: télécharger en cliquant dessus le 3e liens (BETA) Test playlist http://koditvepg.com/epgs/

    2 :les lien dans le fichier se présente ainsi :

    #EXTINF:0 tvg-id="Kombat Sport" tvg-name="Kombat Sport" ,Kombat Sport


    Pour qu'il soit pris en compte par Mytvonline tu dois les changer avec notepad+ , Example

    #EXTINF:1 tvg-id="Kombat Sport" ,Kombat Sport


    Il faut pas d'espace entre les lignes et suivre l'orthographe si non ça marche pas .

    Ensuite rentrer l'adresse Uncompressed EPG ( premier lien) dans Menu , playlist ,edit ,XML TV EPG et tu rentre l'adresse .

    Les logos des chaines apparaitrons mais disparaitrons de temps en temps ça doit êtres un bug du site .

  • Cheers for that info but I'm afraid I don't fully understand what you are advising us to do.

    I can download the BETA EPG for my country but as for what to do with it in N++, that's not clear.

    Are you saying we need to edit EVERY line?

  • OK, cheers for the response.

    I'll just hold off and hope some future MOL update will resolve the issue as it's clearly a bug in the software.

  • Je ne comprends pas ce que je dois faire aprés avoir rectifié le fichier.... J'en fais quoi, je l'enregistre où...?

    merci pour votre aide....

  • SAM

    Closed the thread.