CatchUp TV offset

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  • My service is behind live TV by a minute or 2. So when you watch a Catch up TV program, you miss the last 2 minutes of the end. Can you add a setting to end CatchUp TV programs X minutes later? For instance, if the program is 30 minutes, queue up 32 minutes for playback.

  • yeah this is an excellent idea. This issue is caused by the fact that the IPTV feeds will naturally be delayed by X seconds/minutes just due to the overhead involved, so of course our image is always delayed when compared to someone who's watching from a legit cable/satellite feed. But of course our Formuler box doesnt know this, so it still records from 10:30pm to 11:00pm instead of 10:30pm to 11:02pm (just as an example).

  • It is a good idea.

    However, there are many good ideas on the wishlist right now.

    This suggestion will be added to the growing list, but I'm not sure when it can be implemented.

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