Should I return box?

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  • hey guys,

    So my brother got a Z7+ the other day and set everything up (I've got a box too, working great). On the first night, the box 'froze' a few times (nothing onscreen would respond to RCU). He would be forced to unplug box and plug back in. This happened 3-4 times in first 16hrs of use. Eventually box just never came back on.

    I gave him the instructions to perform the manual factory restart (format USB key, load the update.ird file, plug into box and turn box on, press channel UP a bunch...but he never got the progress bar screen that's mentioned in the instructions. The box either never comes online or sometimes it actually boots up normally even when trying to do the manual factory reset method).

    Sometimes he's able to get the box to boot but he needs to unplug the HDMI cable and ethernet cable from the box. SO lots of weird things going on.

    Sound like he has a bad box and should return for a new one? Or am I missing something that we should attempt?

    thanks in advance