Cant restart my Z7+ or even start it up if Infrared remote cable is connected

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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm using a Z7+ which was really working fine untill i've installed my infrared remote cable in it, since then the only way of restarting my device (which is always set in standby mode for my children on their favorite channel), but from time to time I prefer to fully restart the device for avoiding some problems. But from that point, the only way I've find so far for allowing the restart is to remove the IR remote cable from my Z7+.

    My Z7+ is configured with my ethernet cable installed into it, an SDCard (16Gb), and the IR remote cable.

    If someone have some information on how to 'bypass' that kind of problems that would be nice ;)

    PS : For all who are asking about Factory Reset ... It has already been done :evil:

    Cheers everyone !

  • Please state clearly what you are trying to accomplish.

    Currently there are no known issues with restarting the box.

    When the box is ON, hold the Power button on the remote and select the "Restart" option.

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    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.

  • Hi 175n,

    the only thing I'm trying to accomplish is a RESTART of my device ... Like already stated above, but even if i'm trying to restart it via the 'Restart' option (power button on the remote) or with removal of the power on my device ... Nothing work at all !

    The only way to have it restart (or even start), is to remove the IR remote cable.

    Does any of you have already encountered errors like that ?

  • If the IR extension cable is not fully inserted into the port, NONE of the buttons on the remote will work.

    This however does not describe the symptoms you are experiencing.

    In any case, make sure the IR extender cable is fully inserted into the port on the rear and try again.

    Unsolicited PMs for support will be ignored.

    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.

  • Hi,

    The cable is well and fully inserted in the device, as i'm using it without any problems. So that's not a symptom I'm encountering.

  • Only to be sure, holding "STB Button" for 2 sec. -> Restart/power off/ standby pop up appear-> If you now confirm "Restart" the box do nothing?

  • Yes, the box restart, and then it loop indefinitely, then the only way to have it completely restart, even when removing and restarting the box, is to remove the IR remote cable.

    When this IR remote cable is still connected, my box don't start at all, it loops on the start process, Z7+ image, then the circle, then looks like a reset, Z7+, circle, ... and so on (This happens also on a fresh start)

    Untill I fully remove the IR remote cable, and start it up again.