Slow LAN and maybe WI-FI too?

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  • First main issue is the LAN, it's really slow. I am only seeing 20-25Mbps down and 40Mbps up (my full upload), that is without VPN and no WI-FI adapter connected. I have tried Factory Reset and Software Reset from System menu and just a few minutes ago did the Manual Factory Reset, it made no difference. I tested the LAN on a known working connection (my desktop touches 410Mbps, that is a little over my ISPs advertised service speed) and it didn't make a difference. I am considering trying one of the USB LAN adapters at Wal-Mart to see if that can give me a better speed, but besides that I am unsure what to try next that isn't a new piece of hardware.

    Now the WI-FI, I am assuming this is the adapters limitations, I am only seeing about 45Mbps down at max and my full upload at 40Mbps, again without VPN (and actually with VPN it's the same speed at max).

    Edit: So with my current provider using their MAG portal thing I'm sometimes buffering every 5 minutes, but I think I figured out something new. Using my current providers m3u method to load into MyTVOnline I get a lot of buffering using it like this: M3U :…ssword=PASSWORD&format=ts, I took off a few things to make it similar to other methods I had used with other apps on other devices and suddenly buffering is gone:

    Now, I don't know what difference the 'api' at the beginning or the '&format=ts' at the end makes but the constant buffering seems to be gone by using the link this way.

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