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  • On Formuler S boxes the is no really good android application for internet radio. In market is no radio, so I tried to download some from GooglePlay. But I can not find something, what is good an works in formulers android. I recomend to use in future the myTuner Free which at this moment only stops. Please, can somebody tests why? Can you resolve this problem? It is very good application and has thousands radio stations arround the world.

  • 'Simple Radio' from the GooglePlay seems to work well on S-Turbo/Mini.

    The only catch is the radio will continue to play even if the app is not on-screen.

    The audio will overlap the Satellite TV audio.

    In this case, you must manually close the radio app by clearing it from the Recent Apps list:

    Hold MENU button on the remote until the Recent apps list is shown.

    Use the Left and Right arrows on the remote to move to the 'Simple Radio' app

    Press UP on the remote to clear it from the list

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  • Hello, Simple Radio works, but has not so many radio stations and the user interface is to simple. There is no possibility to find stations by country, city, genre etc. In the past I tested on my phone many radio applications, but only myTuner meets all my requirements for internet radio. Try it and you will see the difference. I think, that so good equipment as Formuler S Turbo need not only good IPTV applications, but at least one good internet radio (and in future directly in his market).

    I found yesterday one way, how to use myTuner on Formuler S:

    - Install firefox browser

    - in firefox open

    Is is indirect way, not so good as direct application, but better as nothing.