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  • Please help.

    Just bought formuler 7+... connected to internet... YouTube works...

    Trying to start mytvonline —— it’s blank... no options, nothing.

    User guide says nothing about that app. Google mentioned nothing. Videos all start with people editing options, but everyone forgets to mention how/with whom to register the program. I am frustrated and ready to send the stupid thing back.

    Why would I need to register mytvonline app? Who do I register it with???? I have three separate iptv accounts with different providers (ipguys and and superior hosting, all have different macs.)

    So again, please help. How do I get mytvonline to open, allow me to add portal, mac, etc.

  • Your router security settings may be blocking the automatic updates that are available for your box.

    Can you check the firmware version in the System menu?

    Home >> Settings (cog wheel) >> System

    SAM can you move this to the correct section?

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