NOT PLAY LIVE channel from archyve etc.....

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  • Problem: going on channel epg.

    Now time is 12:10 shows on epg LIVE GREEN ICON

    1-why do not releases the archive ? from 12:00

    i have wait then program ends, epg time, then the red icon is shown, only then releases the archive.

    2. ok i started channel from archive 10:00

    program is 30 min in 10:30 ends why not playing next program but stopping ???

    3.ok i started Chanel from archive 10:00 why i can't scroll to 09:50 time, have go to epg and start earler program and scrrol to 09:50 view 10minuts go to epg 10:00 start , view 30min stop go to epg , start 10:30 end etc............


    1 have scroll to live playing (then ask do you want view live stream

    2-3 have not stop on epg ends, but only change epg in name in bar menu , do not stop

    4 if i push forward button, near "stop button" go to next epg program , backward last archive program end etc...

    (stalker, XC, others archives)

  • Understand mostly what you are requesting.
    Will look into this for a future update.

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