Playing in-progress shows from the beginning?

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  • As a beginner, I'm still learning the ins & outs of IPTV in general and the Z7+ in particular!

    Here's where I'm at. I'm trying out 2 providers with MOL and catch-up/timeshifting works generally well for shows indicated in the EPG as being available with the small clock icon.

    Where I'm confused is one of the providers also indicates that currently in-progress shows also have the clock icon for channels that have catch-up (which is many but not all for this provider.)

    Shouldn't it be possible to watch these shows from the beginning if the clock icon is present? Or is the icon a reflection of MOL incorrectly interpreting the combined guide/catch-up data it's grabbing from the provider?

    Is it merely that the only way of watching an in-progress show from the beginning is to set it to record in advance and watch the recording?

    What I'm trying to do is approximate, where possible, the sat/cable PVR experience of being able to watch the evening's prime-time programming by starting while a show has already started, but skipping commercials. If it's an evening of 3 'good hours', that means starting around 8:45 and catching up to live by ~ 11 PM. 8)

    Thanks in advance! :)