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  • Hello,

    Since there seem to be a lot of problems/issues with MyTVonline using EPG , i want to look for an alternative solution ...

    I assume most of the people want to use EPG in MOL in order to schedule recordings ?

    The importance of program information is second most important regarding EPG ?

    When recording in MyTVonline live, we can change the end time for recording by pressing the red button again while in recording modus.

    But is there a possibility to change also the start time of recording ? I mean schedule a recording in the future at a certain time on a certain channel ?

    This possibility should solve a whole lot of issues for MyTVonline users ?

    Because of the EPG problem with MyTVonline , I tested another app "IPTV extreme" which works well with EPG in XML and even in XML.GZ format

    But recording via IPTV extreme often stops after about 20 minutes , so ...

    The other alternative Perfect player is not very user friendly for me and EPG setup needs to be done manually ?

    Can anyone give me a solution or work-around for the EPG issue in MyTVOnline ?

    Many thx in advance :)

  • Explain concisely what you feel is the problem with the MYTVOnline EPG

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    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.

  • Hello 175n, thx for your reply and interest :-)

    My specific problem with EPG in MOL is simple ...

    It doesn't work at all for me, i do not get any EPG information though i mentioned it well

    Each time i launch MOL , i get the message "EPG load failed!"

    My provider gives me a HPPTS-path where the EPG is available in .XML.GZ file format

    Another application IPTV extreme works 100% with this EPG on a dynamic way, even with format .GZ ...

    So we can conlude the delivered EPG by my provider is working 100% ?

    After extracting the XML.GZ file on a usb stick, and refering to this file within MOL, EPG cannot load apparently ...

    FYI : I use IPTV with M3U

    Please feel free to do a examine/test yourself i you can/will :

    Regards - Luk

  • .gz and .zip extensions are not supported extensions for xmltv EPG currently.

    I think it was mentioned already in another thread.

    Compressed xmltv EPG that have .gz and .zip extensions will be supported in the August/September release of MYTVOnline.

    As for the EPG not working when you manually decompress the gz archive, please pm me some sample lines from your m3u.

    Delete/redact the stream URL when doing so.

    Unsolicited PMs for support will be ignored.

    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.