Ipvanish install

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  • Does anyone know how to connect ipvanish to a formuler7 box. I have downloaded app and set up account but it will not connect. The green connect button does nothing. Do I have to enable wifi in settings. My subscription is active and everything looks good on the app which I got from google play store. But when I press the green connect button it will not connect . :(Is it different because it is a MAC address.

    DOnt know can someone help pleaseTIA.

  • oh wait, is ipvanish a VPN provider or an IPTV provider? I think they're a VPN provider and I misunderstood your original post, my bad.

    Ive used NordVPN successfully before (i downloaded their app from google play store and was able to connect) for what it's worth. But i wasnt happy with the speeds I was getting so i gave up on that. But ya, not sure why your IPvanish app wouldnt work, sorry

  • You could always install the VPN on your router. Depending on the type of router you have it can be super easy, to a little bit of work. For me (d link router), there was a VPN section within the routers software setup and it was relatively easy to install VPN onto it

  • wifi settings shouldnt have anything to do with this since you're plugged in via ethernet. Although the box runs Android, I believe it's a slightly altered version of android and thus every app may not necessarily play nice on the box. I tried to install my vpn directly into android (not using an app, but rather within the VPN section of android settings) but it wouldnt connect for whatever reason.

  • Sorry meant VPN settings in advanced settings but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to put in there or if I need to. On other boxes it just worked.

  • Inrecommend teaching out to the VPN company for help. Show them the VPN settings within android and that fields are being asked for, and the VPN company should be able to tell you what to write.

    You might also want to ask them why their app might not work on this box, granted it’s an unofficial android box so not sure how much help they’ll be able to give. Perhaps google might be your friend.