Z7+ after restart or just turn on, loop on z7+ logo and the Android logo

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  • Hi,

    I´m a new user. Just got my Z7+ this Monday and when I restart or plug the box on it takes a lot of time to run and get the main screen. It loop between the main logo and the android logo. I have all the updates on just did a factory reset and nothing as changed.

    My tv provider have the possibility to watch programs till 3 days back. I select the channel that have that option in the mytvonline I select epg go to the time / program that I want to watch select ok and don´t work. I have the the red play button icon on the channel logo but I don´t have the clock icon on the program in the timeline.

    the rest works fine.

    Thanks in advance


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  • whats 'a long time to run and get to main screen'? 1min? 5min?

    as for the catchup (watch 3 days back), what happens when you press play on an old show? nothing happens?

    when you're in the full EPG mode (i.e the full TVguide), the channels which should have catchup, do they have a red shaded background or black (black = non catchup channels) ?

    Also, have you confirmed that your IPTV provider's catchup is functional and working properly?

  • Hi seanns32 thanks for the help.

    to get the main screen it takes more than 5 to 10 min, I can short it out if I press 3 or 4 times channel up on the remote. (I think I saw it in this forum).

    Yes nothing happens if I press the play. Some of them have a red shaded background and when I press OK starts playing just for some seconds and then I got an error message.

    My IPTV provider confirmed that the catchup is functional.

    Current Firmware Version: V1.2.28

    Current IPTV Version: V1.9.43


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  • seanns32 thanks again for the help.

    I will try later the full manual factory reset.

    I bought it online from a shop in Sweden, I live in Norway so I think it´s ok to return it.

    If it doesn´t work I will contact them to return it.