Android 4.4

  • Hello,

    I tested NPO Start on the Z+.

    I downloaded it from the Google Play Store.

    When you first start the app, you will need to update Google Play Services.

    NPO Start is functional, but since the app interface is designed for phones, you need to use a mouse or air mouse to get the most out of the app.


    If you don't have an air mouse, you can use the mouse cursor mode on your IR Remote Controller.

    Press the 'mouse cursor key' and then press the arrow keys to move around.

    To move the page up and down, use the CH UP/DN button on the remote controller.

    If you can list some other apps that aren't working for you, we can check them.

  • good morning. Thank you for testing the app. I have the air mouse. I can play all I saw on your video. To play back a video you first get a comercial. So far everything works fine. After the comercial the programm tries to start then I get the message can't play the video. Please try the programm "De slimste mens" you are allowed to play this in another country.

    Thank you.👍

  • Hello.

    I took some time to look into the issue.

    This is not an OS version related issue.

    The reason the video doesn't play is because the Z+ doesn't come equipped with WideVine modular DRM.

    Unfortunately there is no way to easily add WideVine DRM functionality to the device in question.

    Formuler Zx, Z7+, and S-series devices come with built-in WideVine Level 3 DRM.

    This module needs to be in place to playback the NPO Start contents.


    I know it isn't the answer you want to hear, but I recommend upgrading to the Formuler Z7+ or Formuler Zx.

    It is possible that at a future date the engineers can find a way to add the DRM module to the Z/Prime/Z+, but so far it is not on the software roadmap.

  • Good morning. Thank you you took so much time to find the problem.

    I know the app works on the Zx I bought this device a few days ago. I'll send your explanation to the NPO.